Learn More About Us

We are a dedicated team, able to help you realize your unique vision!

By working with the best in the industry, recording music, scores or working with or for various Hollywood projects we gained a lot of valuable experience. By collaborating with orchestras or performing in arenas or theaters, we have the expertise and logistics you need!

Getting the right experience!

Studio Time!

We can create unique sounds, rhythms or melodies that could help you explore new sonic avenues for your project!

The performance of a live instrument is one of the most important things in music. Our team’s experience on stages and recording rooms could add more authenticity to your project! From percussion instruments to a lot of exotic instruments, our sound arsenal can create a unique vibe!

Recording Live!

Who We Are!

We are not just composers, we are instrument players, with hours of practice and commitment to music. We play every piece of music like it’s in a live concert in a big arena! That`s our way to get a unique, vibrating and live sound!